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Jackie Chan Adventure’s: Season 1 complete Episodes In Tamil

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Jackie Chan Adventure’s: Season 1 Episodes In Tamil


Name: Jackie Chan Adventure’s: Season 1 Episodes

Language: Tamil

Quality: 480p

Encoded By: Sathiya World Vsm

Episodes List:

S01 E01 · The Dark Hand
simple story : Jackie battles a crime syndicate to obtain 12 magic talismans.
S01 E02 · The Power Within
simple story : Jade swallows the rooster talisman.
S01 E03 · The Mask of El Toro Fuerte
simple story : The trail to the talisman leads to the Yucatan.
S01 E04 · Enter … the Viper
simple story : Jackie steals a talisman to foil a possible theft.
S01 E05 · Shell Game
simple story : A tortoise at the aquarium has a rabbit talisman encrusted in its shell
S01 E06 · Project A, for Astral
simple story : Jade tries to discover a talisman’s secrets.
S01 E07 · Bullies
simple story : Valmont, armed with the newest talisman, raids the U.S. Mint.
S01 E08 · Tough Break
simple story : Jackie breaks his leg slipping on Jade’s toy.
S01 E09 · The Rock
simple story : Jackie is infected with a poison that may turn him to stone.
S01 E10 · Jade Monkey
simple story : The monkey talisman is taken after Jade transforms herself into a monkey.
S01 E11 · The Dog and Piggy Show
simple story : Uncle secretly harnesses the power of immortality.
S01 E12 · Tiger and the Pussycat
simple story : Jackie inadvertently splits the talisman and himself in two.
S01 E13 · Day of the Dragon
 simple story : Shendu wants to avenge past insults by destroying all of Asia.

***Season 1 Completed***

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